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The Future of Operations Observability

Obsessively refreshing dashboards?
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Monitoring & Incident Response for Operations Teams

Always in the loop

Allow your team to automate the human process that follows an important event. Ensure the relevant team gets informed and alerts are assigned and resolved.

Connect Your Data

Connect your database or data warehouse, similar to how you set up your other dashboarding or BI tools. We support Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Postgres, MySQL, etc.

Set Up Your Monitors

Easily configure monitors and alerts using SQL queries or Avenue's visual query editor.

Get Alerted

Send notifications to SMS, email, or Slack. Acknowledge issues and drive them to resolution, all natively in the tools you already use like Slack.

Incident response for your Ops team

Avenue is the tool that lets operators architect these monitors and systems to work independently — so they can focus on what matters most.

Escalation Policies

Ensure alerts are routed to the right team at the right time. Set up an efficient escalation process and resolution path.

Track Improvement

Avenue provides a digital footprint to your operations team incidents, allowing you to continually improve your company’s processes and save time.

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Avenue keeps everyone alert and on-top of important moments. Complex systems monitoring — all coordinated in one tool.

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